I Am an Agile Team

The last level of whatever organization to which I belong is me. I am responsible for planning, doing, and delivering my work. I am the one that makes sure it is of sufficient quality. In reality, there is no other group. There is only me. For me, I have to do it all. I am an Agile team.

I Am My Product Owner

I decide on what I do now. I assess the value of all the things I need or want to do and determine what I should be doing now. When I am done doing whatever it is I am doing now, I decide on what I do next. I use all the information at my disposal to determine what is the best thing for me to be doing now. I am my Product Owner.

I Am My Scrum Master

I make sure that I am working as effectively as possible. I make sure I have the skills to do what I decide to do. I make sure I have all of the information I need to do what I decide to do. I work to remove any impediments I might face. I communicate to the outside world set the appropriate expectations I am my Scrum Master.

I Am My Team

I am responsible for defining my work. I do my work. I make sure the work is good. I collaborate with other teams, that is, other people, to get big things done. I troubleshoot my work. I integrate my work with my previous work and the work of others and make sure it all still works. I find ways to do my work better. I find better ways to work with others. I am my team.

I Am an Agile Team

Even though in the larger context, I am a developer, or tester, or Scrum Master, or Business Analyst, or whatever, on an Agile team, I can, and I do, everything that an Agile team needs. For I am an Agile team.

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