Agile AAs the software development profession matures, we see that Agile methods, based on Lean principles, provide the highest quality and the fastest throughput. As a software development professional, being agile allows you to produce deliverable code faster and at a higher quality. I have been involved with many Agile transformations at software development organizations and I honestly believe that you cannot have an agile organization if you do not have agile people. Too many places emphasize the team and departmental aspects of agile and just expect the developers to just come along for the ride. I believe that you need to help the developers become agile before you can create agile teams or agile organizations.

As a modern software developer, you too may want to become agile but, for what ever reason, the company you work for does not want to become agile. There are many things you can do to be agile yourself that will benefit yourself and your company, and you do not even have to ask permission. You just do your work in an agile fashion and let the results speak for themselves.

This blog is intended to help you become an agile developer whether or not the organization you work for becomes agile. It will discuss ways the individual can be agile in a process driven waterfall environment.