Becoming agile without permission

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100% QualityBeing agile means delivering value; value in everything we do. A major part of delivering value is delivering quality. You can deliver something of poor quality and there still might be value, but not near as much value if it had high quality. This means that there needs to be high quality in everything you do, quality code, quality tests, quality user stories, quality designs, quality e-mails, quality discussions, quality requests, quality learning, quality thinking, quality doing. It is not just the end product that needs quality. Everything needs quality.

Write and unit test the code in very small increments.
Make a very small enhancement and get it working and keep everything else working.

Focus on delivering high quality software. Check-in defect free code that gets the job done. In most cases, the time spent producing good code the first time is less than the time spent later trying to fix it. Also, be embarrassed when you deliver code with defects. You professional reputation is at stake. Take great satisfaction in delivering error product. It feels good.