There was a lot of talk and activity this week around defining new activities and roles. I am also working on defining what my role is here at my new company. Several times I brought the conversation around to the purpose of this new thing. The purpose specifies why we do or need something. It specifies the reason for something’s existence. Identifying the purpose goes a long way towards defining the activities and outcomes. Identifying the purpose also helps to put boundaries around something. The boundaries then help keep things more pure. They keep us from adding more stuff to something just because we can.

When I was a software designer and architect, I would always define the purpose of a component, the reason for its existance. This purpose would then guide us as to where to add functionality. If the new functionality did not support the purpose of the component, we usually did not add it to the component. We found the component where the functionally fit the purpose. Sometimes we had to create a new component with a new purpose. Rarely, we had to redefine the purpose of a component to include the new function.

So, this week I started on identifying my purpose in my new role. I drafted my professional mission statement. The mission statement identified the reasons why I am here. What I am to do. What I am to change. What I am to be.

What is your professional purpose? What is your personal purpose? Why are you here?

What is my purpose?

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